Cutting-edge security, survey and safety solutions

RMC create ground-breaking solutions to security, safety, and environmental issues across the UK. We cater to government, construction, engineering, enforcement, security and infrastructure sectors – as well as corporate enterprises.
RMC prides itself on its state-of-the-art surveillance and custom-built image capture hardware along with cutting-edge artificially intelligent technology, enabling us to provide cost-effective and efficient safety and security solutions – maximising public and community safety, while significantly reducing risk.
Surveys & inspections
Digital 3D mapping

About Us

RMC was initially established in 2014 as a photojournalism and cinematography company that specialised in aerial photography . However, RMC quickly saw an emerging need to offer a far wider range of services.
Capitalising on our teams’ vast experience with cutting-edge technology, UAS (drone) operations and the security industry, we added security, CCTV, surveys & inspections and digital 3D mapping services to the RMC repertoire.
The company has grown exponentially during the past decade and has ongoing contracts with clients across the UK, including CCTV installation, maintenance an monitoring of over 50 sites across the South East. 
RMC has formed strong professional relationships with its clients in the government, construction, highways and civil engineering industries, and has supported numerous critical infrastructure projects across the UK.
We have also developed a notable presence in the enforcement, security and community safety sectors through our security solutions, as well as development of: EnviroCam; an artificially intelligent algorithm that detects environmental crimes such as littering and illegal fly-tipping, and Safer Parks; an initiative dedicated to creating welcoming and safe outdoor experiences for everyone.
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