Aerial and HTR (hard to reach) surveys and inspections eliminate risks to yourself and employees by removing the need for ladders, scaffolding, MAP’s and MEWP’s. As well as vastly improving safety, aerial surveys are proven to be up to 50x faster, more efficient and considerably more cost effective than using traditional methods.

To date, RMC have surveyed:

Construction sites
Residential, commercial and industrial roofs
Pipes, turbines & chimneys
Confined & dangerous/inaccessible spaces
Dams, bridges, culverts & docks
Farming & agricultural land and buildings
Roads, motorways & tunnels
Entire factory floors

..using the very latest UAV (drone) and camera technology, in a fraction of the time a traditional survey would take.

Our fleet of drones consist of the best, most advanced aerial platforms on the market today, ranging from the compact DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise to the top-of-the-range DJI Matrice M210 v2 with Zenmuse XT2 thermal and Z30 inspection cameras.

For ground-based inspections or where it simply isn’t possible to operate a drone, our teams are equipped with GoPro Hero 8, GoPro Max 360 and DJI Osmo action cameras, along with over 600 individual accessories, allowing for quick, safe and efficient surveying and reporting.