Digital 3D mapping

Aerial drone mapping and aerial modelling and digital twin creation involves capturing multiple images of an area, and processing them in highly specialist photogrammetry software to create a 2D/3D map, model and/or digital twin of your land, infrastructure, site or assets. Regular, accurate aerial maps and digital twins are a perfect way to monitor the progress of medium to long term projects from any computer, laptop or smartphone.  Many drone operators claim the ability to create aerial maps but few are successful, often producing substandard datasets which are of no use to the client. 
RMC have been producing survey-grade, sub-centimetre accurate maps and models for clients all over the UK since 2019. We work with some of the largest construction companies in the country, and have provided National Highways and their supply-chain with regular 2D and 3D maps and models, allowing area managers to monitor multi-million pound construction, civil engineering and highways improvement projects, as well as take accurate measurements and volume calculations, all while removing the requirement to visit site. 
Digital twin 3D models can be captured in just a few hours, creating an exact digital replica of any building, asset or site. These models are AutoCAD ready, and can be used for project progress tracking, historical record keeping, proactive maintenance planning & damage reporting and virtual tours. 
Our aerial mapping team have years of experience working on and around construction sites, live highways, key and critical national infrastructure, listed buildings and congested areas, and our CAA permissions allow us to operate in areas simply out of bounds to the majority of UK drone operators.