Aerial mapping and modelling is a process which involves taking hundreds – if not more – of ultra-high resolution drone photographs and processing them in specialist next-generation cloud-based photogrammetry software, Pix4D. This allows us to create incredibly accurate 2D & 3D CAD-compatible models and maps with astonishing sub-centimetre accuracy, highlighting every single detail and texture. 

Our 2D & 3D models are used for:

Site monitoring
Weekly & monthly construction progress reporting
Environmental monitoring (land erosion, fire prevention, flood prevention, pollution monitoring, etc)
Route planning
Wildlife monitoring and tracking
Virtual tours
Security planning
Incident reporting
Insurance claims
..and much more

RMC have a dedicated digital processing team who are fully trained and highly experienced in quickly and efficiently generating 2D & 3D maps and models to the highest possible standard.

For time critical projects, we are able to upload footage from our drones directly to our client portal, while still on-site, for real-time analysis and comment.