Roof surveys have traditionally been carried out using ladders, scaffolding or expensive mobile platforms which can be costly, time consuming and dangerous. 

RMC can survey an entire roof in as little as 1 hour using next-generation drones, ultra high definition cameras and specialist access equipment. We offer a number of inspection packages and services, from a basic inspection through to a full FLIR thermal imaging survey. Photographs and/or videos can be delivered to the customer on site and in real-time. 

We can quickly, easily and safely detect missing or unsafe roof tiles, defects, water entry points, moss and guttering blockages without any of the dangers associated with working at height.

Our unique 3D roof mapping service offers a full 3D CAD-ready model of your roof which can be used for building planning applications and architectural visualisations. 

Our roof inspection services are used by residential customers, estate agents, architects, building managers and roofing companies. 

We highly recommend you check that anybody offering to survey your property holds a UK PfCO (CAA Permission for Commercial Operations) and has full liability insurance. Click/tap here to check CAA’s approved list of drone operators.