Using our fleet of all-weather thermal imaging-enabled drones, RMC are able to assist with search and rescue operations even under extreme conditions. To date we have been involved with search and rescue missions involving missing people, dogs, cats, horses and even stolen cars.

Our DJI drones use the same technology as emergency services helicopters, only without the high operating costs and carbon footprint. Our Zenmuse XT2 FLIR cameras, along with the Zenmuse Z30 ultra-zoom cameras enable us to search vast areas of open space, woodland or dense undergrowth at upto 150 times faster than on foot. All of our search teams are equipped with high-powered Motorola digital radios which we use to coordinate ground-based search team members. 

​We can search for people or animals and provide a live data downlink directly from our aircraft to monitors or screens both on-site and remotely. Our highly-experienced pilots are fully insured and CAA approved for aerial operations, allowing us to fly in congested and busy areas which are not permitted without CAA authorisation.