Thermal cameras allow you to see what is normally invisible to the naked eye. RMC are one of only a handful of CAA approved aerial surveyors nationwide to be operating the brand new DJI Matrice M210 v2 aircraft with the Zenmuse XT2 FLIR thermal imaging camera.

The next generation XT2 camera, combined with DJI’s leading stabilisation and machine intelligence technology equals an aerial inspection platform like no other – with features only previously found on multi-million pound emergency services helicopters.

With FLIR’s thermal imaging technology, RMC can quickly identify people, animals, leaks, damp, fire & fire hot spots, heat-leaks and.. well anything with a heat signature.. with the ability to directly overlay thermal data in real-time. This coupled with the Flir Tools+ software provides an expanded set of cutting-edge controls for generating more comprehensive thermal imaging inspection and research reports.

To date we have inspected power lines, solar panels, roofs, AHU’s, cell towers and entire buildings and we have been involved in fire detection, analysis & control and search & rescue missions throughout Essex and the South East.