RMC is deeply passionate about our environment and is committed to finding innovative and effective solutions to help keep it clean, safe, and pleasant for current and future generations.

Through our cutting-edge technologies, collaboration with industry partners, and ongoing research efforts, we strive to set new standards for environmental protection.

fly-tipping and littering detection

Using the latest and most innovative AI technology, RMC has proven to be highly effective in detecting instances of fly-tipping and littering from moving vehicles. This cutting-edge technology empowers councils and enforcement agencies to swiftly issue fixed penalty notices, thereby promoting cleaner and more sustainable communities.

With RMC’s advanced AI technology, EnviroCam, the fight against littering and fly-tipping has never been more efficient and effective.

hazardous waste removal

Working in close collaboration with our trusted strategic partners, RMC is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that effectively contain, remove, and dispose of hazardous fly-tipped waste.

Our team employs state-of-the-art techniques and employs industry best practices to ensure that all such waste is handled safely and efficiently.

We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of hazardous waste and are continuously exploring innovative methods to enhance our waste management services.

nitrous oxide canisters

The sudden rise in popularity of nitrous oxide (N2O or ‘NOS’) for recreational purposes has resulted in an unimaginable surge in discarded NOS waste. Starting with the smaller ‘silver bullet’ canisters, NOS users have rapidly favoured the larger canisters, often branded “Fast Gas” or “Cream Deluxe”.

RMC holds an Upper Tier waste license and offer collection, delivery and recycling services of NOS canisters to local authorities and businesses.

All NOS waste recoveries are GPS-tagged and allow councils to track and predict trends, meaning police and enforcement resources can be proactively deployed to areas where NOS use and antisocial behaviour may be occurring.

Fly-tip recovery

Our grab vehicles are available on request to assist councils with the removal of fly-tipped waste from public areas.

RMC holds an Upper Tier waste license and all recovery vehicles can be accompanied by a TTBMC trained traffic officer in an approved road management vehicle, where emergency traffic management is required (i.e. fly tips on public highways).